Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners of 2017

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An integral part of almost every household is, of course, a vacuum cleaner. And there are many different kinds of vacuum cleaners. However, the most used and most popular tare still upright vacuum cleaners. And that is quite understandable – they have wide use, good performance and are easy to use.

There is a huge number of these devices on the market is, but which one should you choose? This is not easy, because, today, most of these vacuum cleaners meet the demanding requirements of the consumer.

Differences are, of course, in price, but also in some comfort – although, on the other hand, the construction of the different types is more or less the same, so there is not much room for different innovations. Manufacturers are, therefore, mainly focused on the easy handling of these vacuum cleaners and, as such, one of the important elements is the weight of the device. In addition, of course, to suction power, power regulation and, more recently, the electronic elements which have been added to these devices, all with the aim of allowing the user to handle them as simply as possible.

And, because pets are also part of our households, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on this area – offering vacuum cleaners that are extremely capable of removing animal hair from carpets and floors.

Let’s look at some of the best products in this category that meet the demanding criteria for superior cleaning and user-friendliness – performance, handling and reliability.

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